Hastings & Roseneath Pastoral Charge

Christmas Eve worship services in Hastings and Roseneath have been cancelled due to weather.

No worship service on Sunday December 25th

What is HarpCharge?

Hastings & Roseneath Pastoral Charge (HarpCharge for short) is comprised of two lovely rural congregations.

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Reverend Jamie York

Reverend Jamie York

Office: 905-352-2000 (leave a message)

Our Patchwork Quilt


United Church of Canada www.united-church.ca

Our history has been a patchwork of Church amalgamations and change. The moral and Christian leadership of our predecessors provide the threads that join together a seamless and colourful blanket of our past, present and future congregations.

We rejoice in the warmth and comfort of their efforts. And as the patches wear thin with much use we are fortunate to have had a succession of dedicated ministers and spiritual leaders to mend and strengthen our spiritual quilt.

As we move toward our century and one half of God’s Ministry may we never forget, as Abraham himself once discovered, that what God has promised he is able to perform. We will travel forward in time and in faith with Him.