Hastings Trinity United Church

3 Albert Street West, Hastings ON K0L 1Y0

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To invite and welcome all to worship God in word, song and scriptures; to grow in faith, to cherish the young, to experience friendship and fellowship, to assist those in need, and to provide a spiritual loving place in the community.

About The Church

Hastings Trinity United Church (TUC) began with the construction of the current church building in 1863. It was expanded in 1909 and has remained relatively unchanged ever since. The interior was updated in 2002. There are currently 50 contributing families and on most Sundays we have 40 people in the congregation. Lay people read the scriptures during services and everyone is welcomed as they enter the sanctuary for worship. Services are at 9:15 am on Sunday morning. Join us in worship and fellowship. Contact (905) 352-2000 or hastingsroseneathpc@hotmail.com additional information. See the Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.

Special Services

Baptisms are held five times each year with allowance for special circumstances. There are seven communion services throughout the year. Additional church services are held on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday before Easter and on Christmas Eve. An outdoor riverside ecumenical service is held during the summer. Contact (905) 352-2000 or hastingsroseneathpc@hotmail.com for additional information on baptisms, weddings, funerals or other services. See the Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.


The choir meets for practice Thursday evenings from 4:30 to 5:30 pm under the capable leadership of Mr. Marcus Elia. At the church services, the choir leads the singing of all hymns and presents their very own anthem. Special music is presented at each Christmas and Easter service. All who enjoy music and song are invited to join and participate. There are no special qualifications. All young people are welcome. You do not need to be member of the church to join the choir. Contact (905) 352-2000 or hastingsroseneathpc@hotmail.com to join the choir.

Sunday Youth Activities

This is an opportunity for members of the community to assist in creating a Christian education program for youth at TUC from the ground up. The United Church of Canada has support materials available. One such program is called “Journeying Together”, a Christian Development curriculum published by the London Conference of the United Church of Canada. This three year program begins with “A Growing People”, moves on to “A Learning People”, and concludes with “A Loving People”. Contact (905) 352-2000 or hastingsroseneathpc@hotmail.com to provide your support. Volunteers will be required to meet the United Church of Canada screening requirements. Have faith that if you build it they will come. The church nursery has toys and books that are suitable for very young children and parents are welcome to use this area if their little ones become restless during Sunday services. Older children can spend the first 15 minutes with the congregation which includes a story time, presented by the Minister, and then they can begin age appropriate activities and learning in our meeting hall under parental supervision.

After School Program

TUC provides an opportunity for school children to involve themselves in crafts, stories, snacks and Christian education immediately following the school day from 3 to 5 pm and only a few doors from Hastings Public School. The program is led by a skilled team of trained, qualified and experienced community volunteers who meet the United Church of Canada screening requirements. The After School Group meets every other Wednesday from October to April. Older youth assist in leadership of the program for younger participants as well as having their own activities. Contact (905) 352-2000 or hastingsroseneathpc@hotmail.com for further information. See the Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.


Scouts Canada runs a Scouting program at TUC on Monday evenings for youth from age 5 to 18. This activity is independent of Hastings Trinity United Church. For additional information contact Mary Jane Stevenson at (705) 760 2929 or email mjgrstevenson@nexicom.net
http://www.scouts.ca/ See the Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.


TUC is governed by a Church Council which meets on the third Wednesday of every other month. Council members along with other church members are part of the management teams that carry out the daily life of the church. These include Stewardship, Finance, Property, Worship, Trustees and Special Events.

Hastings United Church Women

Our U.C.W. members participate in community projects and provide outreach services at home and abroad. We host dinners and luncheons and we get involved in other Church and community related events. From inception, the women of the Trinity United Church have striven to uphold the U.C.W. purpose.

To unite all women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty to Jesus Christ in Christian Witness, Study, Fellowship and Service.


History of the Hastings U.C.W.

Ladies Aid was an early women’s group of the Methodist Church and these women worked to make improvements around the Church. In 1930, when they became part of the Peterborough Presbytery, this group was renamed the Women’s Association. Many of their projects remain with us today. Their most cherished contribution being The Good Shepherd Window in the nave of our Church. The Women’s Missionary Society was active from 1889 - 1961. One missionary from the Hastings congregation served in China and three women from this group served from the 1890s to 1901 with the Methodist Indian School for Girls, Haiti Indians at Lax-kw’alaams (la-kwa-lahms), which is the native name of Port Simpson British Columbia (formerly Fort Simpson). These two groups, the Women’s Association and the Women’s Missionary Society became the United Church Women in 1962 and have remained active to this day.